Friday, August 31, 2007

bullets of relocation miscellany

  • I am at a Travelodge in downtown Chicago, waiting for other friends from college who are going with me to this football game to arrive.
  • The movers today were un-be-bothering-lievably efficient, and so a task which took until past 5pm two years ago was done by 12:30. Unfortunately, my things were moving onto an empty truck, meaning they won't arrive at my apartment until Thursday at the earliest.
  • The movers verified that I was indeed, in their approximation, moving a ton of books, and this isn't even counting the Madison books, which are at least 1/2 and maybe 2/3 as many. If it wasn't for the books I've bought in the last two years and the elliptical trainer, I think my Clutter Reduction Effort made this move roughly stuff-neutral with the move two years ago, amazingly enough.
  • I had my last meal in Cambridge/Boston at the Legal Sea Foods in Logan Airport, which was fitting because I think I managed to have like ten meals in my last two months at Legal. O, the chowder. O, the popcorn shrimp.
  • No matter what the blurb on its cover may claim, A Farewell to Alms is not going to be "the next economics blockbuster." It's far too boring for that. I'm only 75 pages in, but at least it helped me sleep on the plane.
  • Yes, I finished my effort to visit all the exhibits in the Boston model solar system. The Sun, as it turns out, is only a quarter-section of the Sun. Saturn, as I said before, has been temporarily removed while its site (the Cambridge Public Library) undergoes renovation. With a friend who knew where in the library it had been, we calculated a spot outside the site for the picture that corresponds to the arc of Saturn's orbit. And, um, we thought if I couldn't have the real Saturn model in the photo, at least I should have a ring:
  • Intellectually and professionally, the time since ASA in Cambridge has felt like circling an airport. I am looking forward to getting my stuff, getting settled in, getting into a work routine, and getting started on building a life here. Root for me.


Anonymous said...

Let's see it goes. Good luck.

monsoon said...

Best wishes!!!

Anonymous said...

there's the man-dals again

Anonymous said...

anon 10:26 -- sandals are great. what footwear would you find preferable for casual-wear in august?

Midwest Reader said...

Welcome to Chicago/Evanston!

I'm thinking a picture of you at every station on the Purple line would be a way to get to know Evanston.

Anonymous said...

can you change arms to alms?

jeremy said...

Anon 6:19: Fixed, thanks.

Monson/Midwest Reader: Thanks for the well wishes!

Jamy said...

Here's hoping you find a better social system in Evanston!

Anonymous said...

are those all the planets under the sun? why did you have to go all around boston to see them?

Ken Houghton said...

There has been an "economics blockbuster"??

(Free to Starve is a political tract, and F-Word is a hagiography with serious kurtosis issues.