Thursday, August 30, 2007

dispatch from my apartment, surrounded by boxes

So, I spent an inordinate amount of time this week getting the stuff in my apartment 75% packed, and now someone is here being incredibly efficient with the remaining 25%. It confirms my then-untutored suspicion that the two people who did the equivalent task in Madison were totally inept (because, in effect, they did the task roughly only as fast as I would have, and I take for granted that I'm inept.)

Anyway, I'm sitting here on my laptop, and apropos of nothing I was wondering about how the presidential candidates who have no chance are doing. As in, not how they are doing in the polls, but how they are maintaining a positive presence despite the absolute futility of how they are spending their time. Chris Dodd apparently has received an endorsement from a firefighters union. This fact is announced on his webpage by his banner photo being with a group of firefighters, the endorsement being the "Live Update" at the top, the endorsement being the photo headline, and the endorsement being two of the last five posts on his blog. Perhaps he will show up at the next debate in a spiffy dalmatian suit.

What propels these men forward? Back in 2004, I was convinced that Kucinich was just staying in the race to find some cute young wife out of the deal, a conviction regarded by friends as preposterous right up until it was shown to be exactly right. But what propels him forward this time? I was looking on his website for a position paper regarding legalizing bigamy, but did not see it.

I can't really look at the Republican minor candidates sites without being quickly made surly, but something to note more generally is that, on the prediction markets, Ron Paul (at 4.5% estimated probability of winning) might one day soon catch John McCain (at 5.6%). A guy in Cambridge is inkjet-printing paper signs supporting Ron Paul and stapling them to telephone poles around Cambridge. You don't see anyone doing that for John McCain.

BTW: I feel good about all I've discarded as part of my War On Clutter. I was particularly pleased with how many no-longer-needed cables of one kind or another I had thrown out, until I realized that the cable I need to upload photos from my digital camera has gone mysteriously missing.


Ang said...

Melissa Etheridge endorses Kucinich. So that's, you know... yeah. No help.

Ken Houghton said...

McCain is still in the race because he's promoting a book coming out 17 Sep.

I would say I'm as enthusiastic about that book as I was about Jack, but we all know what happened the day that book came out.

Roland Aranjo said...

As one of those long-long shot candidates, I'm here in Salt Lake City, meeting voters at a Farmer's Market. I'll be visiting all 50 states talking to voters about what we can do to revive our democracy,

BenB4 said...

I've got a new perverse pleasure. I find Ron Paul supporters, which is easy because they do crawl out of the woodwork, and show them his We the People Act which would among other things allow display of religious text and imagery on government property, allow states to prohibit abortion, sexual practices, and same-sex marriage, and would forbid federal courts from spending any money to enforce their judgments(!) It would also make federal court decisions on those subjects non-binding as precedent in state courts.


Anonymous said...

Did you see you got front paged at Daily Kos?

Anonymous said...

Since you're just down in Cambridge, I's suggest you hop on the bus at South Station and take a ride up the Seacoast to see the candidates for yourself.
Dodd will be in Somersworth, New London, Milford and Amherst in the next two days.
Come out. The weather's nice.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy! Congrats on the Daily Kos link! That's big time. Come on down to Rutgers one of these days... we'll have brats...

-Eric Lipton (Kristen Springer's spouse)

Anonymous said...

Daily Kos link?

O'Reilly is coming after you now. Fox Security will be arriving shortly to "ask you a few questions".