Thursday, August 16, 2007


"Thanks for liberating my car."
"No problem. I was going to put a dead body in the trunk, but none were available."
"Everything went smoothly?"
"I was hoping for more of an ordeal. I thought I would have stories."
"I have no idea how I am going to do the Madison part of my move."
"You still have stuff in Madison?"
"My office."
"You know full well that I cannot drive a U-Haul truck in Chicago. Not even Evanston."
"You'll have to hire someone to drive it for you."
"They also re-keyed my office, charmingly enough, so I have to move out during a weekday."
"Why would they re-key your office? And why wouldn't they wait until you moved out?"
"I have absolutely no idea. The mysteries of Madison. Anyway, maybe I'll go buy an iPod today. Sooner I get another one, sooner I can lose it again."
"I say you wait until they make one you can put directly in your head. Then you can be bionic like your Dad."
"Maybe I should buy an iPhone just for all the non-phone features."
"How is that going to keep you from losing it?"
"I would probably lose it even faster, but I'd be so cool until then."


Anonymous said...

two men and a truck are reasonable and do a great job for a short move like this. They will even let you follow the truck, if you are so inclined

Anonymous said...
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Gwen said...

You say this conversation was overheard, but it sounds suspiciously like a conversation you yourself might have.

Anonymous said...

Is Jeremy posting as gwen?

Anonymous said...

Maybe just getting nervous about the big move and will soon appoint pathetic Anons to be scapegoats in the matter and banish them again! But nevertheless all will be well in his new position. He WILL land on his feet!

Anonymous said...

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Sister A said...

When do you have to move your stuff? Sister B has a u-haul hitch on her car. I used it to move from Texas to Iowa City. Trailers are so much cheaper, because you don't have to buy any gas. I could help, but I won't be back until Sept. 2nd.