Wednesday, August 01, 2007

i know every day is the first day of the rest of my life, but today is even more so

resignation templates
(resignation letter templates available in Office 2007)

As of midnight, I am no longer a tenured member of the faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison or a Robert Wood Johnson Scholar in Health Policy at Harvard University.

Regarding Madison, I originally included the sentence "I hope to God I know what I'm doing" in my letter of resignation, but then deleted it. And you don't believe me when I say I've grown up a lot these last two years. Today I sent an e-mail to my chair that I realize now was my last bit of official faculty correspondence. The e-mail included my telling her that she ought to start a blog (check out here and here for examples of why I think this).

Regarding the RWJ fellowship, it didn't turn out like I thought it was, although that in itself was a useful lesson about certain tendencies of mine to be unrealistic. I am certainly glad to have done it. I am also glad to be going back to an academic department, and I am glad to be returning to the Midwest.

My original e-mail telling Northwestern's chair I was accepting their offer concluded, dorkily perhaps, with the paragraph:
I'm sitting here now in my office at Harvard remembering how I once took a class in which an assignment was to write a short story that started with the sentence "This is going to be fun." Few e-mails I will send in my life mark a beginning as clearly as this one, and so I'll close it with: This is going to be fun.
I hope to God I am right about this. I am optimistic that I am.

Update: I finished a draft of the preferences paper that has been crowded out other activities for too long now, so it's turned out to be quite a good start to the rest of my life.


Anonymous said...

can we ask what you had thought the RWJ would be and what it turned out to be?

Ken Houghton said...

We can ask...

(How did someone manage to post as "anonymous"?)

There are 15 templates for a Resignation Letter? What happened, people at MSFT got a lot of practice??

Anonymous said...

hey, anony comments are back! Cool. Looks like I missed the announcement. Best of luck, Jeremy!

dorotha said...

reading the titles of the resignation letters, i misread the one for the board position as "resignation due to being bored." not that i am bored with my job or anything.

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe it won't be what you think it'll be (fun) -- but maybe you'll be glad you're doing it anyway. The RWJ syndrome, you might say.
K.P. Gatz

jeremy said...

I was expecting more of an intellectual community around the program than what there is. Part of this is my own intellectual introvert tendency. Part is not.

Anonymous said...

Stupid Google makes me resign up for an account every time I want to post. Good luck! Evanston is a great place, NW a great school so I'm sure you viewed this as a great opportunity. As someone who moved half way across the country within the past six months (Wisconsin to Connecticut) it ain't that bad.


jeremy said...

Anon comments are back on a trial basis, yes.

Brock and others: Thanks for the well wishes.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, congratulations on your new job! I hope you'll indeed have fun at Northwestern! Moving from a place I was at for many years to a new university, as I did, was truly energizing -- but I still miss my old buddies, as I'm sure you will. Valerie Hans