Wednesday, October 04, 2006

kentucky flied chucken

I am on my way to a conference at Penn State University. Given that I
have already blogged from all states between Massachusetts and
Pennsylvania and all states bordering those states, this trip would
not allow me to add to my list of states from which I've blogged. Air
contraire, as the cheapest non-twostop flight has me now sitting in
the Cincinnati airport, which is not in Ohio but northern Kentucky.
This is my 25th state (not counting DC), so the impossible dream is
halfway dreamt.

I still need to finish the paper (not to mention slides) for my
discussant turn. However, I learned on the flight that even if my
brain feels occupational urgency, my stomach will still not tolerate
me working on my laptop when there is turbulence.

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Absolut said...

It wasn't about the money, was it? It was about being able to go to Kentucky, right?

Because otherwise, I'd have to ask: How much is your time worth that you'd be going for the cheapest-but-likely-not-most-convenient flight instead of a more convenient one. I'm not saying you should waste other people's money. But you shouldn't let them waste your time either.

Congrats on the extra state!