Sunday, October 15, 2006

apple cares about aids in africa, but not enough to offer a red iPod instead of just a nano


Presumably Apple is thinking that they will be able to make more than enough money when they finally break the color barrier with their regular iPods that they don't need to dilute the profits from the opportunity with a help-the-dying tie-in.

It would be easy to make snarky comments about Project(RED), but they will have to be made by someone else since if there was a (red) iPod, I would probably buy it.* Still, one does pine for a Project(GREEN) that features knockoffs of the premium brands that are participating in Project(RED), where on the sales tag they list how much you are saving over buying the premium brand and urge you to send that amount directly to a charity for AIDS in Africa.

* Or at least, would buy it if not for the worrisome possibility that I might need to replace my digital camera, which seems that it might be missing. (Mom, if you read this, sorry. I think David Blaine might have made it disappear out of spite. Serves me right for talking smack about an angel.)


dorotha said...

okay, that is HORRIBLE. i read the manifesto. it was beyond horrible. i can't tell whether i am more angry or disgusted what is written. buy our product or people will die? that is sick.

carly said...

Ok, so I read the Manifesto, and I didn't think it was that horrible. It sounded to me, more than "buy our product or people die", "if you were already going to buy this product, buy the (red) version instead" which sounds reasonable to me.

That was, until I got to the last few sentences about people dying. That seemed manipulative.

OK, so you're sort of right, dorotha.