Saturday, October 28, 2006

instead, because i didn't turn and it hit me in the back of my head, i've become strangely repetitive

Clemson coach Tommy Bowden said Friday he was hit in the back of the head with a mini glass liquor bottle while standing on the sideline during Thursday night's 24-7 loss to Virginia Tech at Lane Stadium. [...]

"Had I turned and had it hit me in the eye, it would have killed me," Bowden said. "It was glass. That's what scared me. Those plastic ones, it wouldn't go that far."

Bowden said he gave the bottle to Clemson athletic director Terry Don Phillips, who was standing on the sideline. Bowden said officials made an announcement warning fans not to throw objects on the field.

"I really was afraid after that because had I turned and been hit in the eye, I surely would have lost the eye," Bowden said.
In any case, even though college football coaches get paid roughly two orders of magnitude more than college professors, at least we don't have people throwing glass bottles at us while we are doing our job.


Anonymous said...

Yet. The operative word is yet. I have a friend who teaches at a small college in the rural South who has had a glass bottle thrown at her in class.

Anonymous said...

And on occasion, don't college profs get shot? How common is it that college coaches get bottles thrown at them?

Winston said...

" least we don't have people throwing glass bottles at us while we are doing our job."

What do they throw at you, Jeremy?

jeremy said...

Winston: Nothing substantial has ever been thrown at me. I have had one instance of a student causing me to be concerned about my safety, but that's not a story for my blog.

Anon 2:41pm: I was at the University of Iowa when a physics graduate there killed his dissertation committee and couple of others in a shooting spree.

Gwen said...

I had a hard-cover textbook thrown at me once. I didn't really enjoy that. Now I only assign soft-cover, lightweight books. Light in physical, not intellectual, weight, that is.