Tuesday, October 23, 2007

my very slow adventures settling in, virtual edition

Today, I switched my professional webpage so as to list my Northwestern affiliation rather than my Harvard/Wisconsin one. I had forgotten all about this until an NU student apologetically sent a message to my GMail account, saying said she couldn't actually find my NU e-mail address anywhere online.

I am still deciding whether to move my professional webpage from jeremyfreese.com to jeremyfreese.org or jeremyfreese.net. Opinions welcome. I would set up a blogpoll if I had the energy for it right now.

One of Northwestern's staff, meanwhile, asked me either to send a photo of myself for the webpage, or to set up a time to have one taken. I've been avoiding it because their faculty page does something strange with the photos that makes a large percentage of them look like the resolution or aspect ratio is inappropriate. I am unphotogenic enough that I don't need technical deficiencies making my visage more unsightly.


sara said...


Steve Morgan said...

Buck up, young man! My students found you exceedingly cute.

Simpleton said...

I found your NU account in <5 seconds online. There's a find people button on the main university page.

Marietta said...

For your photo, why not send them the caricature drawing from your blog?