Saturday, October 20, 2007

in case I was under any delusions that graduate school was something other than a very long time ago

Jay uses the example in his sociology class of Radiohead letting fans choose how much to pay for their new album and discovers that no one in his class appears to have heard of them.

Completely unrelatedly, an unusually kind-spirited friend of mine recently had occasion where she was supposed to speak extemporaneously for a few minutes about her "least favorite celebrity." She ended up drawing a blank. I told her that if I had been me, I would have done Paul McCartney (see, e.g., here or here). We then decided that maybe this wasn't a good idea, given that the task was only to speak briefly and that there was some incentive not to come across as a raving lunatic during that time.


Kieran said...

This morning, during a discussion of the Iron Cage, I asked how many people in the class had seen Trainspotting. Answer: 2. Fight Club fared slightly better, though not by as much as you might think.

Corey said...

Ah but remember, the first rule of fight club...

We don't talk about fight club!