Friday, December 15, 2006

my contribution to eszterfeszt

Today is Eszter's birthday. She put out her gift request awhile back:
I’m well aware of the comment “There comes a time when you should stop expecting other people to make a big deal about your birthday. That time is age eleven.” Nonetheless, if you care to contribute to my upcoming celebrations, I’m collecting photos of the number 3 from around the world. So email me one if you can (or better yet, post one on Flickr and send me the link). (Yes, I know I can find tons of 3s on Flickr, but these would be from you to me.:)
Okay, Eszter, this one is from me to you. My apartment is number 3, so that's easy enough to consider personalized. And we both have ThinkPads, so I can work that in. And you love Flickr, so I can pull up a photo of the two of us from your Flickr page. And, hey, maybe I can balance it just so there will be three fingers showing in the photo. Happy birthday!



Anonymous said...

Aaah, Jeremy, that's so sweet! Thanks! And just in time for me to go and tweak the photo to make of it what I really need: 33s. But I didn't think it made sense to ask people for that.. that seemed too difficult. So I'm going to do a copy of the 3 and make it a 33. I've done that on other photos people have taken, it's been fun. Anyone not following the significance of the 33 here can try to use their imagination a bit harder.:)

Thanks, Jeremy, this is a great gift!

jeremy said...

I've got three fingers and the numeral three! Why doesn't that count?

Anonymous said...

Because most people are not nearly as astute as you are.:) Perhaps I should do a copy/paste of the fingers as well.;-)

Just to clarify, it certainly counts, just not in that way.

Anonymous said...

When I read this post, there were three comments. I took a picture of my monitor for Eszter's birthday. (She shares a birthday with 2 of my dearest friends!)
Here's the photo.

It's not the best photo, but the number 3 appears on the door and one next to "comments."

Happy Birthday, Eszter!

(If you're reading this: Happy Birthday, Lori! Happy Birthday, Mischelle!)

jeremy said...

Janelle Renee: Great idea. Also, I've now changed the time stamp of the post to make it yet more Eszterrific.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Janelle, that's great! I also took a screen shot of it when it had three comments.. but just to have a copy to blog tomorrow. (Screenshot of a blog post in a blog post, ooh.) I appreciate it, your photo is cooler than my screen capture since it's got a bit of the surroundings as well, plus that interesting slant.:)

Jeremy, thanks for the additional threeness in there.:-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Eszter!