Wednesday, June 27, 2007

don't mess with the matador!

(me, victorious at facebook rps)

(The Matador is where you wave paper at your opponent, then paper again, and then: scissors!)

I think I'm going to go down and fetch my air conditioner out of my basement. Now that Stata 10 has arrived, I can use my Stata 8 manuals with abandon to hold it in place.

Update: What's that sound? Is it the hum of my just-installed air conditioner, or the fizz of my having just opened up a tall, cold can of carbonated rps whoop-ass on Sal?

this makes up for him beating me at wii boxing
(me, once again victorious at facebook rps)

Updated again: Emily, as ever, is too wily for me. My dreams of an undefeated life end:



H said...

You may be undefeated now, but not for long!

jeremy said...

We shall see.

Eszter said...

I can't believe you outed my play! Oh well, I guess it was time for another strategy anyway....

Sarahliz said...

Oh man, now I'm going to have to start actually using my facebook account.

sal said...

freese! i want a rematch! where are you? are you scared? i'm waiting... ;-)

Ribs said...

I love facebook's Roshambull! It's amazing how much I'll think about a move, when you have the time like the application gives you.