Wednesday, August 17, 2005

from cambridge: inside looking out

I am writing this from the floor of my new Cambridge apartment, mooching the unsecured wireless connection from some neighbor. I do not seem to have the little cable that attaches my camera to the computer. Which is especially bad because, looking around, I realize I don't actually have any idea how my stuff is going to fit in here. A smarter and/or more prepared person would have brought measurements of all key pieces of furniture and a tape measure along to be able to do crucial pre-move planning. For that matter, I'm also very worried that my sofa and part of my desk are not going to fit through the strange three-doorway-doorway that I have. Eek.


dorotha said...

wha? you don't have faith that the movers can get stuff in?

oh, wait, neither do i.

now go buy yourself a tape measure. they probably sell them at walgreen's. or whatever it is they have in cambridge. even the stop n shop should have something that would work.

jeremy said...

What good is a tape measure going to do me now? I have a tape measure; it's packed in one of the boxes that's coming tomorrow.

dorotha said...

well, when they pile a bunch of crap in your living room, you can figure out if it will fit against certain walls or next to this or that table. that's why i would buy one.

or do you actually have faith that you will be able to find the box with the tape measure?

Anonymous said...

I second Dorotha's plan. A large number of your pieces of furniture were purchased online. You can easier go back to these websites and get measurements of your sofa, chair, etc. and do some of this crucial "pre-move planning" this evening.

At the very least you should figure out where you want your large pieces of furniture to go so that you know where you can stack boxes as they come into the apartment.

This will all work out. It always does.
-Your former comprehensive moving solution

Anonymous said...

Too bad we can't trade apartments. Mine is quite spacious with too little furniture in it. I need to purchase some key pieces in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Use your feet to pace off approx. feet for sofa. Span of hands will be useful too (for smaller things).

You should see what we manage to get through small doors and narrow stairs in Cambridge. Patience.

Anonymous said...

You can estimate space for sofa this way: lie down on floor where you think you'd like it, bent knees or straight — depending how you do it on your sofa. Add a foot or so for arm rests. Figure a yard depth.

Walk over to Mass. Ave. and have a burger (or whatever) at Cambridge Common (the restaurant, not the park). Enjoy the weather! Report on smells,

(If you need tools, introduce yourself to neighbor you're mooching connections from and ask to borrow some. Tell 'em your name is Kramer.)

Anonymous said...

If sofa legs are wood. saw them off (no kidding) and reattach with gorilla glue and corner irons (that is, if they're not fastened with hardware -- but then you wouldn't be perplexed).

Maybe some of your neighbors can help? Tie rope around it and hoist it up, if legs won't come off.

Or keep just the cushions and put them on floor -- or on a door with legs from the door store.

How big IS that thing anyway?