Saturday, December 25, 2004

when i am an old man, i will play solitude on my computer. and you won't know where my office is.

Evaluations of a professor taken from (and reproduced on a fellow sociologist's blog here):
This guy has got to be like 400 years old or something. Ancient. He sometimes falls alseep during lectures and sometimes asks students to copy his notes on the board while he plays solitude on his computer. He tells everyone he just wants out of academia, to collect his check and go home. He won't tell us where his office is and seems really tired all the time.

This guy is super old and he just wants out and he'll tell you this. NO one in class knew where his office was and he told them it was no accident because he didn't want anyone bothering his afternoon naps. He said he was retiring in a year or so and didn't want to be bothered. [...] When people complained he suggested maybe they jump off a bridge but make sure not to mention his name in the note. He always said he didn't care, and we didn't understand how much he didn't care.
(originally posted under a pseudonym to SconnieSoc)

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jnsys said...

Oh holy God. I think this guy works in my department...